What the Heck is CHAMBRAY and Can I Wear It to Work?

So I just found the CUTEST shirt dress at Old Navy. And for only $27 CAD in stores at my Canadian Old Navy (not available at the online Canadian site).

How can you (I mean “I”) pass that up?

Chambray Dress, Shirt Dress, Dressing for Success, Business Clothes

Chambray Roll-sleeve Shirt Dress

I love the functionality of a shirt dress. Cute & feminine without being too sexy and also camoflages all the lumps and bumps of any body shape while nipping in at the waist to create the much-coveted hour glass figure.  The perfect dress for work. The only thing is that it’s chambray.

Chambray is a light cotton fabric that is …and isn’t…. like jean material. So although the dress is perfect for weekends and the cut is perfect for work, does the material make it too casual?

The answer? Yes. It is too casual – except for casual Fridays. If you’re looking for the perfect way to balance being casual with still looking chic on those dress-down days, this is the way to do it. It’s my personal style opinion that other garments found in chambray fabric like the classic or modern button down shirts with collars are also perfect for casual Friday if paired with a non-jean bottom.

Try cropped pants in peach for the spring/summer or a cute maroon pleated skirt with grey tights in the winter.

Chambray Dress Shirt, Women, Dressing for Success, Business Casual

Chambray Button Down, Ann Taylor
Was $78 – on sale for $29.99

One caveat – take care not to commit one of the ultimate fashion crimes of going full-on jean head to toe. You CAN do it a chambray-jean combo but it’s a risky style manuever not for the faint of heart that is best reserved for weekend alone. Style at your own risk on your off time.

That’s all for now! Happy Shopping!


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