Refresh your Wardrobe for FREE! How to Host a Swap Party…

clothing swap parties

Lord knows…we all have budgets (and yes I do stretch mine from time to time – who really needs oil changes for their car anyways? That can wait….right?). That’s why I LOVE Swap Parties!

I’m always going through my closet and weeding out what I don’t need and it all goes to the Salvation Army anyhow. Why not get together with some of your girls and have a super fun night swapping your stuff out? You might hit the style jack pot and walk away with some sweet free items. Here’s how you do it:

1.Who to Invite





– 8 to 10 people (so that there is enough stuff to swap)

– People close in size to you if possible (although scarves, accessories, shoes, etc. can work for pretty much anyone)

– People close in style and lifestyle to you (rockers, business, mommies, sporty, ginger spice…)

2. What They Need to Bring

– A bottle of wine or nibblies

– 8-10 items they want to part with

– A bag or 2 for all of the treasures they find

3. What You Need

– Extra nibblies and refreshments

– Mood music of course (think “Pretty Woman”)

– Full length mirror

– Garment rack & hangers

– Cute serving trays for accessories/baskets for scarves, hats & gloves

– a large table (like a dining table) to display items

– Chips/tickets to give to each attendee for each garment brought (each person gets one chip/ticket per item they brought so they can leave with a maximum number of finds)

4. Establish Rules in the Invite

– Explain what kinds of things are needed/wanted/condition the items are expected to be in in the invite

– Explain the purpose of the chips/tickets and if you are going to use a colour coding of system (ex. blue = accessory and can only be used to swap for another accessory)

– Decide how the shopping will work: free-for-all? draw numbers and lowest numbers shop first? It’s up to you.

– Explain that all clothing and other items left at the end will be donated to a favourite charity.

oooooh! That gets me so inspired. Get ready my ladies. I may just have to set one up  soon!


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