TRENDING Fall 2012 – 3 ideas for uping your CHIC this season (and 2 to miss)

It’s Shopping Time!

…and although I often preach the “BEWARE of TRENDS” mantra (they can burn a serious hole in your wallet and wardrobe), there are times when I like to dabble.

Here are some fun trends to play with this Fall:

1. Collared Sheer Shirts

collared sheer shirt, women's business clothes

Sheer Sequined Collar Shirt
Forever 21 – $14.50

This is a bit of a ‘roll-over trend’ from summer but it’s an easy one to style up and make work for the colder weather. Throw on a fitted blazer or a skinny belted cardigan and you’ll wear it through to next year. Just be careful that you layer a tank underneath (same colour or contrasting) and don’t go for the peek-a-boo bra action. That should be self-explanatory. Find them at Top Shop, H&M and Forever 21.

2. Camp Shirts

I love this look. Camp shirts are collared and made of a light blousy material. They also have sleeves that can be rolled up and pinned at the 3/4 mark of the arm. They are super wearable for work or weekend and I’ve seen them in the full spectrum of bright colours. Keep in mind though that these are being offered at different stores in a range of fabric qualities. They may look the same online but if you get up close and touch them, you can feel the cheapness. Case in point, the first picture to the left is Ann Taylor’s version which is silk and spandex (prices in at $79.88) and Old Navy’s version is 100% Polyester and comes in at $19. I’m not usually into investing big dollars into trends but no matter what, you never want to buy something that looks and feels cheap.

3. Peplum Dresses/Tops

Editor's Pick Dress, peplum dress, business clothes for women

Editor’s Pick Dress – – $59.99

Sounds like an ant-acid tablet but really it’s that little frilly micro skirt jetting out of the waists of some of Hollywood’s most trendy stars. Definitely a 40s retro moment whose time may be short-lived but while it’s here it’s a great way to emphasize your womanly curves and your tiny waist. Find them at Ann Taylor, Modcloth or Piperlime.


  • Smoking Slippers – I really don’t know what is up with these. I know there is a sort of unique aesthetic to them and that people are always desperate for something new (since everything has pretty much been done) but to me they aren’t much better than  bedazzled pajama pants – definitely NOT work appropriate. I’d be willing to bet that there will be more than one  fashion victim out there that comes to their style senses while glancing at their feet under their desk. Comfortable? Absolutely. Appropriate? Not unless you are self-employed and are currently lounging in front of a fire-place.

    smoking slipper, shoes for women

    Sabrina Suede Smoking Slipper
    Cole Haan via Neiman Marcus – $198

  • T-Strap Heels– These can be done well (read modern) or they can look really retro (in a bad way), which can be risky if you aren’t absolutely certain if you have it right. I also find that they just aren’t flattering as a strapless heel because the T strap has to attach to an ankle strap and that always cuts off the leg line and makes you look shorter (I’m short enough thank you!)  My best advice to you? Definitely stay way from version that is suede and includes a pointy toe – straight out of the 80s and we don’t want it back (that means YOU Nine West).

    Nine West Blonsky, T-Strap Heels

    Nine West Blonsky, T-Strap Heel – $85

That’s all for now! Happy Shopping!


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