Shopping Lesson #324 – Be Patient

Note to self…

I should take the advice I give. haha.

So I was in Winners today just putzing around (you all know I NEVER find anything in Winners) but I had 2 hours to kill in this terrible mall and it was the only place to go. I somehow I came across a few things that were half-way decent and tried them on in the change room. One of the things I grabbed was a cute/modern cut cowl-neck sweater in a dusty purple.

Did I really need it? …um…no. Was it on my list….? No. But…somehow/somewhere between the change room and the till I talked myself into it. I usually try to work through the “what can I wear this with” rigmarole but the boredom must have fogged my judgement.

Anyhow………….. long story short. I just about bought it when I started having second thoughts about it because, again, it really wasn’t on my list. I started thinking about what WAS on my list and I remembered the animal print belt. Sure enough, I glanced up and out of the corner of my eye I found this GORGEOUS Ann Klein leather belt (I’ve been looking for one FOREVER) and guess what….

animal print belt, leopard print

It was only $16.99.


I promise not to trash talk Winners any more. Scouts honor.

And that’s the name of that tune. BE PATIENT!

Don’t squander your hard-earned funds on a whim. Wait for that one thing that will make you super happy and really add some versatility to your wardrobe. It’ll be so worth it when you do. : )



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