You Need These – Piperlime Penny Boots

If I didn’t already have 2 pair of brown boots, this is the one I’d buy:


Brown boots are a classic staple for a work wardrobe and this pair is fabulous because the roominess at the ankle and the almond shaped toe box makes it perfect for both skinny pants or dresses/skirts. They are a bit more money but it’s my opinion that boots are piece in which it is essential too invest a little more $$$. Here’s why:

1. I can almost guarantee you that if the boots are $120 or under they will NOT be leather but synthetic something-or-other material. This means that your feet are going to sweat and not be able to breathe (super uncomfortable). Also, good leather boots will mould to your feet… making them even more comfortable over time.

2. Cheap boots look cheap. You’ll be able to tell by the texture of the material and other people will be able to tell by the sheen. Not cute – especially if you are in your 30s and beyond. It just looks trashy.

3. Cheap boots will show their lack of quality about 3-4 weeks post-purchase in the form of loose strings and such that come with inexpensive synthetics. Do you self a favour and invest just $50-100 more and you’ll wear them for 10 years not 10 months.

4. Good boots can make a whole outfit look expensive. Cheap boots do the same.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for my Top 10 best boots of the season! Erin


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