& the Punch Sheath I Couldn’t Resist

I love perusing my InStyle Magazine whenever it lands in my mail box. I love its tangibility and the way the paper flips…. yes I have a Kindle and I miss the flipping.

But, for all the pages turned down, marking the many things I covet, I’ve never been compelled to get online and buy something right away.

Until.. I saw Lands’ End’s  ad in the October issue featuring their Ponte Sleeveless Sheath in ‘punch’:

Landsend Sheath

Sorry! Bad cell phone picture.

It’s simple but elegant and definitely right up my style alley at this moment. AND I love the colour!

So I got online and guess what?? Not only does a box pop up saying that they are Canada friendly but they were also having a 40% off sale! WHOOT! If that’s not a sign from the shopping gods then I don’t know. Unfortunately they were sold out of many sizes but they also offer petite (I’m right on the border of reg & petite at 5’4) so I decided to go for it in the smaller frame size. That always happen when a dress is featured in InStyle. It always sells out right away. Let that be a lesson to you! ; )

Anyhow, all in all (including taxes and duty – shipping happened to also be free to Canada for a limited time *another sign) I ended up paying $62.25. Lovely.

So fingers crossed that the dress is as perfect as I hope. It’s my first time shopping at Lands’ End so we’ll just have to see. I’ll take a picture when it arrives so you can follow the online shopping escapades.

Bye for now,


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