What is your SPLURGE Limit?

Ooooh, I love my sister but her spending budget gives me a bit of a


She lives in London and has a solid income and yes….I ask her to send me pictures of her stuff so I can live vicariously through her shopping adventures. Yes… I’m serious.

This is the picture she sent me today of her most recent purchase:

chanel quilted bag, white purse

Chanel Quilted Medium Flap Bag

Of course, she’s in her early thirties, travels the world for her job, is single and without kids so these things all factor into her being able to make these style investments.

It got me thinking about how much I would spend on a style item if it was truly EXTRAORDINARY. For example, I was at a BCBG Maxazria store this past weekend and I walked into the most beautiful wool coat I’ve ever seen. It was beautifully cut and mainly navy but had these strategically elegant camel coloured leather panels that made the classic coat really something special. Cut to the pricetag…..$700. Uuugh. For juuuuuust a second… I thought to myself…”What if?”. the very next second of course I thought of my husband and my 2 kids and how I would explain it to them.

“But guys….it’s just so beautiful. You don’t really need winter boots right?”

So how much would I spend? Hmmm. Well I HAVE spent $300 once (but that was a total impulse purchase when I was hormonal and a total mistake so won’t count that). In the future though,  if it was truly exceptional and something I could see myself wearing for a long time then I might spend up to $400.

It seems like an amount that’s big, but not big enough to have to tell the husband or deprive the children of essentials. (I’m such a great wife and mother haha) and again… it wouldn’t be something to do thoughtlessly or often.

So what’s YOUR splurge limit?


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