It’s HERE! It’s HERE! …my Landsend Sheath Dress Arrived Today…


Don’t you just LOVE delayed gratification???

Ok… so I’m not the best one to talk about delaying gratification… but in those few times where I’m able to hold it together, buy something online and NOT track down the UPS to get my order here sooner…. I just love when my purchases arrive and surprise me!

(Especially when they are just as fabulous I hoped they would be!)

Case in point – my Landsend Punch Sheath Dress I ordered last week when I saw it in my Oct 2012 InStyle Magazine. Fell in love hard and ordered it right away.

SO GLAD my instincts were right!!!

Landsend Sheath Dress, sheath dress, business clothes

Landsend “Punch” Colored Sheath – business casual

Red is such a tough colour to wear. There are so many shades and the tone you choose can either light you up or make you look haggard. I just DIE for this punch shade! From the photo it looks pretty true to color. It’s a lighter red color with hints of pink and orange – kinda like a sunset. Beautiful! (Phew).

I was also a little worried that the dress might be so formal that I would only be able to wear it at work or to formal events (havent’ been to many as of late) so I was thinking that it might not be the best cost-per-wear purchase I ever made. I also took a bit of a gamble going with the “petite version” rather than the regular sizing (I’m 5’4 so right at the top of the petite sizing). I really didn’t want this particular dress to be TOO long because that would also limit my ability to wear it…but not too short so that it was not appropriate for work.

In the end… I was pleasantly surprised at the length and how well it dressed down. Not only is it simple enough to dress up with jewelry and down with jean jackets or flats but the material is thick (read- forgiving for the figure) AND super stretchy! so it really fits the body well. That’s going to make it a definite go-to choice for both date nights and my mommy-on-the-go wardrobe.

Business Casual, Landsend Sheath Dress, Sheath Dress, Business clothes

Landsend “Punch” coloured Sheath Dress
Casual/Business Casual

That’s it for now! Hope you like the dress – I do : )

Happy Shopping!



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