What I Wore Today – Jewel Tones

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a busy last few weeks with barely a second here or there to take pictures or write : (

Child A just moved daycares so instead of being 5 minutes away, the drive there and back takes about an hour and 15 minutes. Augh….. Doesn’t sound like it would make that much of a difference but there’s a lot more buffer time eaten up too. Blah blah blah …haha. Poor me. On to what I wore today!

So… aside from my drive across country today (or so it felt) I had:

  • an interview with a potential day care for Child B and,
  • lunch planned with a friend

The weather has turned in the great north-west and although a beautiful sunny day, there was a distinct autumn crispness that called for a scarf.

Business Casual, coloured jeans, fall boots, scarves

Sweater – the Gap
Jeans – Joe Fresh
Sun Glasses – Joe Fresh
Boots – Piperlime
Scarf – gift from a friend

I’m usually hard and fast about not wearing black with navy but there was something about the contrast between the graphic detailing in the scarf and the jewel tones that I really liked for some reason. It seemed to be unexpected, and therefore it seemed to work. So there you go!

Let me know if you disagree! I can take it (haha.)

Hope you’re all having a great week!



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