2 AMAZING discoveries! You’ll want to read this….

So, may have just uncovered one of the most amazing jewelry sites online. The down side? They don’t ship to Canada or anywhere else international……

BUT – the second absolutely life changing discovery I just made is the 3rd party site they use that can create and address in the US for you and they ship it to you instead! What???? No, I’m not lying.

The jewelry site is called:


They do funky and understated rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets and all for a reasonable price range (~$25-$300 per piece). Not only do they do super trendy pieces and limited edition designer collections but they also offer personalized pieces as well. One caveat, it’s a pretty popular site now so you’ll see that some of your favourite picks may have a “wait list”  label. Not to fret, sign up for a free account and then put yourself on the wait list for the pieces you love. They’ll contact you when more are in stock.

As for my second discovery, the site BaubleBar uses to ge their product abroad is called:


I still need to look into it a bit more (I’m hoping it isn’t too good to be true) but here’s the simple run down:

1. Sign up for a membership and you get your very own US address (there are 3 options depending on how much shipping from the states you intend on doing):

STANDARD: $10 set up fee  (gives you 1 free ship during the year)

PREMIUM: $20 one time set up fee and then either $60 for the year or $7/month (gives you unlimited shipping during the year and free consolidation of packages from different companies, if you order from 2 or more stores at the same time)

PREMIUM + MAIL: $25 set up and $195 for the year (gives you the PREMIUM service but also forwards any mail, magazine subscriptions and catalogs)

2. Shop online with any US retailer

3. Use your US address to buy the merchandise you want.

4. The merchandise arrives at their Florida site and is inspected for damage/consolidated with your other purchases (they email you to give you an update on when things arrive and their condition)

5. They ship it to your door in 2-4 days via DHL or FedEX.

Sounds awesome and they claim that this will save you up to 80% in shipping charges. So, I’ll definitely try it and then let you all know how it goes. I imagine BaubleBar will be my first purchase but I could also see sending things from Piperlime, Ann Taylor or Modcloth through this system as well.

So here are some of my favourites from BaubleBar that I may be adding to my collection via my November budget :

That’s it for now ladies! I hope you love these discoveries as much as I do 🙂

Happy Shopping,



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