What I Wore Today … Popped Navy

I was so excited for today!

I hate leaving my littlest one but when my mother-in-law insisted she watch her for the day so I could shop and have lunch with a friend (undistracted for once)… well, I just couldn’t say no! So I dropped off my older one at school and headed to Metrotown for some good times with Miss Jay.

Gona miss you girl! 🙂

(Yes I’m talking right to you!… now that i know you read my blog haha – you are so sneaky!).

Of course I always get revved up at the chance for a day out with adults so I styled my look up a bit – blazer, pop coloured top and skinny grey jeans. Although, I actually ended up swapping the nude heels for knee-high heeled brown boots on account of the liquid sunshine.

navy blazer, business clothes for women, dressing for success, skinny grey jeans

Blazer – American Eagle Top – Old Navy Pants – Jacob Shoes – Nine West via Freedmans

In hind site though, despite loving my boots, they are so hard to get on and off that it kind of hindered my ability to try stuff on.

Note to self: heels or flats for shopping only.

That’s it for now!
Happy Shopping.

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