Add This Classic Piece – Leather (or leather-like) Bomber Jacket

Whether you are for leather or against – it doesn’t really matter too much because both options are available. What matters is that adding a leather or leather-like bomber jacket to your wardrobe will take you a long way to looking chic in the workplace.

Don’t get me wrong, leather jackets can be very retro and done really wrong so you’ll have to be careful about the kind of leather(esce) jacket you pick up.

The kind of jacket that we are talking about here, is one that can essentially be:

  1. worn during work hours, in place of a blazer or cardigan
  2. has a classic cut (not trendy)
  3. is relatively simple (not tons of embellishment or zippers)
  4. is light weight enough that you would feel comfortable indoors during the typical fall/winter working day
  5. hits right above the hip, no longer (no leather trench coats please)

In particular, the ‘Bomber’ style jacket or even ‘Moto’ jacket are really good choices here.

‘Bomber’ jackets usually have elastic at the bottom and cuffs of the garment where as the “Moto” jacket does not. The “Moto” also often has a button closure detail at the neck (uh…like a motorcycle jacket ; ), and often has seam details down the front panels of the jacket giving it a more fitted look (see below).

Funny enough, a leather blazer, can actually look really dated…so stay away from those. Also stay away from coloured leather like blue, red or heaven-forbid purple. We are looking for a natural colour like brown, cognac, black, taupe or cream because the interest you are creating with your outfit is in the unique texture that leather brings, not really the colour.

These jackets come at all price points and tend to be more pricey when they are genuine leather but you’ll have to be the judge if the leather-like option you find is a solid substitute or not. My advice – don’t buy non-leather online. Make sure you are able to feel and see the material to make sure it has the appearance of leather and doesn’t look too shiny or plastic-y.

Me? Just recently I snagged this sweet non-leather gem at Joe Fresh (via Superstore)  that was just the shade of brown I wanted and had the simple yet cool likes I yearned for. How much? $49. Not bad I say.

Here’s some photos of it:

Joe Fresh Moto Jacket

Joe Fresh Moto Jacket – $49

brown moto jacket, joe fresh

Business Casual, leather moto jacket

So go out there and grab one for yourself! Just get a classic style and you’ll never regret it.

Happy Shopping!


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