What I Wore…Purple Lace

I’ve been feeling like dressing a bit more casual these days…possibly due to the 1.5 hours of sleep I once again had last night (my kids are conspiring against me). But, instead of sporting the ubiquitous mom uniform of yoga pants, I decided to sex it up a bit with:

  • a purple lace top (American Eagle Outfitters) – shop similar
  • dark wash jean jacket (Old Navy) – shop
  • worn in black skinny jeans (Parasuco via a friend) – shop similar
  • and silver flats (Roberto Vianni Comfort via Sterling) – shop similar, similar

Wasn’t going anywhere special today other than hanging out with the kid but I did want to take my style level up a bit. If I could have, I would have stacked on some serious rings and some big gold earrings. Of course…my little rug rat is a bit grabby right now so to save my ears, we’ll have to wait on the danglies.

casual look, black skinny jeans, dark wash jean jacket

Purple Lace, silver flats, casual women's style

Needless to say, this is not an outfit I would wear to work (too casual because of the jeans) but to make it work appropriate I could easily have thrown on a pair of grey cropped grey or navy pants.

Have a Great Day!


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