Ever Wanted to Custom Order Your Heels? Now You Can!

So… I’ve been searching for my perfect animal print and perfect red heel for a awhile now with no avail…
… but then I found this intriguing site called Chromatic Gallerie
that allows you to custom make heels and I felt a glimmer of hope.

Mind you, the site does only have one round toed heel style to offer right now (apparently more styles are on the way) but you can custom order it in the heel height (2,3 or 4 inches), colour and material you want ( leather, patent leather, suede, etc.).
As I mentioned, they will be offering new styles in the future but right now they claim to be perfecting this super universally flattering shoe for style and comfort.

So… I took a chance and ordered the animal print heels in 3 inch height.
The initial cost was $89 on the order including shipping but I paid another $55 COD for Canadian taxes and duty (Big Brother always has to take a bite!) for a total of $144. It’s a bit more than I would usually spend on heels ( I can usually snag quite a bargain) but it was worth the experiment.

Here’s a picture of my new shoes:


animal print heel, 3 inch heels, shoes for work

They are a bit shorter than I thought but UNBELIEVABLY comfortable ( there’s even quilting in the shoe). I love their interesting texture too!
I think they’ll be perfect for 8-10 hours at work and add a little drama at the same time.

One side note – not all colours are available in all heights.

Good luck and happy shopping! I hope you try them out!



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