What I Wore… Casual Cream

So today is actually the 28th so this outfit was from Tuesday…which happened to be …date night! I was surprised by my sweet husband (who had half the week off on holidays ) and we decided to have a night out together mid-week. Ahhhh…marriage. How things change!

Anyhow, my day clothes were covered in baby spit up and we kinda have a pact anyways, my husband and I, that when we have a chance to go out together (even if it’s just to a movie) that we’ll dress it up a little – dresses, dress shirts, nice jeans or pants, etc. So… I changed into something simple but a little cute.

American Eagle, short sleeve sweater

Sweater – American Eagle Outfitters
Trouser Jeans – The Gap Outlet
Shoes – Naturalizer
Necklace – Gift from Family

Normally I’d rock some sexier shoes but it was pretty cold up here in Vancouver so I went with my heeled Oxfords instead. It’ll have to do right?

I’m just glad that we support each other in taking our style to the next level for date night. I could have easily gone out to sushi and a movie in my faded black jeans and a T-shirt but it’s worth it to hear my husband (or son for that matter) tell me I look pretty. Don’t you think?


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