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For those of you who are new readers, I discovered the US-based  accessory company Baublebar and the related service back in October 2012 (read 2 AMAZING DISCOVERIES! ).

I had been looking for a company that sold bold accessories and chunky coloured necklaces to really make a statement.

Of course, what I quickly learned was that although Baublebar had some seemingly fabulous lines, they (like many US companies) don’t ship to Canada (boooo). However, they did recommend a service called; a service where anyone outside the US could pay money to set up a US address that companies would ship to…and they would forward it on to you where ever you are in the world.

How can you lose, right? Not really.

Let’s start with BaubleBar:


Products: 2.5/5  Service: 4/5  = 6.5/10

So I could hardly wait to set up a account and put in an order but my first roadblock occurred when I went to purchase some of the necklaces I had my eye on and the ubiquitous “wait list” label appeared on top of my favourite pieces. Augh.


So I added my name to the wait list and ‘waited’ until I got an email stating that the product was back in stock (this was about 4 weeks later). At first I thought maybe it was just a temporary issue because they had been recommended in a recent edition of InStyle Magazine but unfortunately, as I go back to the site periodically, it seems to be a reoccurring and consistent issue with them.

When I finally was able to order 6 (but not all) of the necklaces on my list, I was still feeling optimistic and looking forward to their arrival. Unfortunately I was very disappointed when they did.

First, the Pink Polka Necklace that arrived was actually broken.

Chunky Pink necklace, Baublebar, accessories,

Now, mentions that they inspect the products for faults before forwarding them on and I had gotten an email from them stating all was well. Therefore, it was unclear as to whether it was broken at the point of shipping, on route, or at It doesn’t really matter though does it? I was left with a broken necklace. More on this later

Then, 2 more of the necklaces were distinctively different colours than shown on the website. Especially the Peri Quad necklace:

comparison (543x384)

The other necklace that was definitely off in colour was the Green Triad Strand:

green necklace

Unfortunately I don’t have the comparison photo anymore because this product is no longer available on their site but what I can tell you is that in the photo on the Baublebar site, the whole necklace looked uniform in colour and was the kelly green shade you can see in some of the pieces. In person, however, you can see that there is actually an alternating colour pattern.

Here are some of the other necklaces I purchased from Bauble Bar. None of which I was super pleased:

red chunky necklace, bauble bar Flame Dueo Strand

This necklace is the Flame Duo. Online it looked … um… more flame-like? Like an actual red colour? In real-life though it was actually a coral/salmon colour. I’m not sure if you can see the distinction in the photos above …but this may be part of the problem Baublebar is having in terms of creating accurate photos of their products.

2013-01-12 08.25.492013-01-12 08.27.48

The other two were the Turquoise Teardrop Bib and the Triple Tear Pendant. Both were ok but I was surprised at how HUMONGOUS the Turquoise Teardrop Bib was. The problem is that on the Baublebar site, some of the products have an option where you can view a photo of the product on an actual person and others do not. I’m not sure why that is but it’s a bit strange.

Screen Shot of Model Photo Available on Baublebar

Screen Shot of Model Photo Available on Baublebar

The Turquoise Teardrop bib obviously did not and I’m not sure I would have purchased it if I had been able to see what it looked like on.

The saving grace? Baublebar Customer Service is Excellent.

When I contacted the Baublebar customer service team they not only responded exceptionally quickly but were also very open to my suggestions and concerned about my disappointing experience. Normally, US customers would be able to return products they didn’t like for free but being in Canada, it would cost me almost the cost of the necklaces to ship them back and I’d be out of pocket…and sans necklaces. Bummer.

After discussing this with the customer service rep, I said that I was most upset about the broken necklace so she offered to send me a replacement free of charge and throw in a couple of other treats as well. She also gave me a credit of 350 ‘vault points’ (about a $35 US value) to my online account that I could use towards future purchases. All in all, a satisfactory solution to my issues but due to the waitlist problem they seem to have with running out of product, I had to deduct 1 point from the service score.

Now let’s talk


Products: N/A  Service: 1/5 = 1/5

Clearly, I was disappointed.

First, I paid $10 for the privilege of getting the address for a one-time ship. (You also have the option of paying $7/month or $60/year for multiple ships and consolidation of purchases but I thought I”d go simple for the first go round).

Of course, on top of that you pay shipping of the product to where ever you are… but they have a shpeel on their website that says “Save over 80% on global shipping from the USA to 220 countries”. Hmmm. Not quite.

For a $126 purchase of 6 necklaces (read compact and light) I paid $44.04 (that’s on top of the $10 which makes it a total of $54.04). This is for shipping the package from Florida, USA to Vancouver, Canada.

To put things in perspective, I sent a similarly weighted and sized package to my sister in the UK for Christmas and it cost me $17.  A bit of a disconnect.

On top of that, my above experience with the broken necklace prompted me to want to contact the customer service team to find out what happened, and even what they were willing do about it.

To my surprise, I received a check in message from a before I could write them. It said:


Congratulations! I see that you recently placed your first shipment with, and I wanted to check with you to ensure you received the package smoothly. Could you please take a moment to complete our survey and let me know about this experience?

If you have any difficulties or questions, I am here to help. Please contact me via email at any time, and I will reply as quickly as possible.

Best regards,
(rep name)
his email address

You can imagine my confusion then when I emailed him back (twice), mentioning my disappointment and the broken necklace…and never received a reply.

All in all, if I were desperate to purchase some super unique product I can’t get in Canada then I may have to stoop to using the service again. But, if I ever learn of another company that provides the same service then you better believe will be left in the dust.

Final Rating: 1/5

That’s all for now! I hope my experience was helpful : )


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