If you HATE Tights, You’re Not Alone…

You know… I really do love winter and all the warm chunky knits and layers of clothing/boots you get to wear.
But god help me….

black tights, black boots, hosiery, business clothes for women

Now, if you don’t like or wear dresses or skirts then it’s a non-issue for you. But, if you are like me and love the easiness & femininity of a dress then you no doubt have this same issue.

  • tightness
  • cutting of the waistband
  • bad fit (won’t go all the way up or stretching & bagging at the knees)
  • itchiness…(I could go on)…it’s all bad.

Thank goodness times have changed and in the summer you can usually go at least nylon free in most workplaces (nylons are the ABSOLUTE worst) but in the winter you’re pretty much stuck unless you want to freeze your patootie off.

BUT! I’m here to bring some good news for once.

I’ve discovered a solution and you won’t believe it…..


OMG. If you haven’t been pregnant, then chances are you haven’t headed into a maternity store for any reason…but I can guarantee you that maternity tights are so different and so awesome that I actually convinced one of my child adverse friends to head into Thyme Maternity and buy a couple pairs!

I kid you not.

It makes sense though doesn’t it? Do you think a pregnant woman would put up with anything uncomfortable for more than a second? No. Of course not. So, when I was pregnant and working through the winter of 2011 I decided to pick up a pair or two. I could not believe it when I put them on. SO comfortable and no itchiness whatsoever! And of course…the waist band and seat of the tights were super re-inforced and stretch, almost like yoga pants (built to stretch of course) so they were super easy and comfortable to wear all day – unlike normal tights that have a ridiculously tight waist band that leaves you with an angry red band around your middle by lunchtime.

Needless to say… I bragged relentlessly about them until my child-free friend actually bought some too! And now that I’m back to work and no longer pregnant I reached for my maternity tights in my drawer today and remembered why I loved them so much. Needless to say that I’ll never go back and maternity tights will remain a staple in my winter wardrobe for years to come.

I triple-dog-dare you to try them and then go back.

Try these: Thyme Maternity “Feel Free” Waistband Free Hosiery – $12

Happy Shopping!


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2 thoughts on “If you HATE Tights, You’re Not Alone…

  1. So agree! I love maternity tights. But…..buy smaller than usual. I have bought ‘my size’ and ended up with them at my knees! Oops!

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