Be a Copy Cat – Red and Brown Leather

Hi Everyone!

I love getting outfit inspiration from all sorts of places but I especially love Pintrest and Go Chic or Go Home.

Today’s  inspiration for casual Friday came from… a super chic look that mixes red bottoms with a white shirt and brown leather bomber jacket.

red jeans, brown leather jacket, bomber jacket, business casual

I bought this pair of red jeans in the summer and I’ve been trying to find new ways to remix them into my wardrobe. This look is perfect for casual Fridays and an easy transition to regular workdays by changing the red jeans to red cropped dress pants or even a red pencil skirt. Cute right?

I also really love playing down the pop that red creates with the richness of the warm brown. It seems a bit unexpected too because I would normally pair red with other neutrals like navy, black or grey.

To funk it up a little bit I threw on my animal print heels and gold earings.

Here are the pieces of my wardrobe that I used to recreate the look:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope this look inspires!

Happy Shopping!


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