What I Wore Today…Pink & Black

“Looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays!” (j/k)

So, Mondays are never my favourite but  I actually managed to get all my clothes ready for this week – including accessories – all lined up in my closet. At first it was one of those things that takes the pressure off in the morning…scrambling to get the iron going and realizing that the shirt I wanted to wear was in the laundry hamper..d’oh! ..but now it’s a bit of a necessity.

With the husband on pat leave and the kids still asleep (ideally) it’s not a good move to start rifling through my closet at 5am and start waking up the whole crew.

Anyhow, I manged to throw together this look yesterday and I feel pretty good about it. The black is dark but the pink really makes me feel happy and sunny so there you go…

Pink Blouse (H&M) – shop similar

Black Cardigan (Old Navy) – shop similar

Necklace (Baublebar) – shop similar

Black Skinny Pants (Reitmans) – shop here

Animal Print Belt (Winners) – shop similar

Happy Shopping!


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