Style Inspiration – Blogger Tasha Delrae!

I found Tasha’s fashion blog (Tasha Delrae) via Go Chic or Go Home.

She’s has a really creative and chic way of putting together outfits (and making her own outfits and accessories I might add) and I hope she inspires you as much as she inspires me. Keep in mind, it’s not about copying the exact look she has put together but recognizing pieces she’s wearing that you already have in your closet and getting inspired to wear them in new and interesting ways.

Check out some of my favourite Tasha  looks:

  • Black leather and Grey   (another way to wear your animal print scarf)
  • Textured Neutrals (love the rich textures of cord, fur and leather with a pop of red!)
  • What I Like Most (same dress and tights as below but the navy coat and unexpected black tipped booties creates an explosive the wow factor).
  • The Sleeves (such interesting details in the sleeves and I love the maroon and olive colour combo)
  • A Dress & Sparkles ( love the way she combines colour pattern and texture here. It’s a lot but it works!)

What do you think?


Other Inspiration:


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