What I Wore Today…Red Blue & Black – Jan 23, 2013

So…I feel like I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately. Maybe it’s just a phase… or maybe I’m just not blogging on my non-black days. Hmmm… I’ll have to switch it up next week.

But for today…more BLACK! : )

Actually, i was planning on wearing my cobalt blue blouse and black pants with silver accessories but then my treats (and replaced necklace) arrived from Baublebar (read more about that debacle here). One of the 3 ‘treats’ they sent me for my trouble were these cute red earrings with white stone halos (similar).

red earrings, work accessories, coloured accessories

Red Halo Earrings (Baublebar)

I’m not usually a red person (or an earring person per se) but I thought it might be an interesting pop with my cobalt and black today, especially with a red belt to the look together.

2013-01-23 07.53.34

cobalt blue blouse, blue top, dressing for success, business clothes for women

Cardigan – H&M
Top – Banana Republic Outlet
Belt – Banana Republic Outlet
Pants – The Gap (Modern Bootcut)

baublebar earrings

All in all, blue, black and red may not my favourite colour combo but it was definitely good to try something new and step out of my accessory box.

You tell me – what do you think of black, red and blue?


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