What I Wore… Navy & Pearls

So… this elderly gentleman sits across from me at Starbucks this morning says,

“Hey! I like your pearls! Nobody wears those anymore…”

To which I reply,“Thanks…I’m bringing them back.”

To which YOU reply.. “Back??? I didn’t know they were gone!!!”

And you’d be correct.

Charlotte, Sex and the City, PearlsClassic, single strand pearls with the requisite sweater-set (a la  Charlotte on Sex and the City) are definitely dated but there are tons of different modern and classic version out there. So.. that means you don’t have to be leery of all pearl necklaces.

In fact, I even put pearls on my Top 10 – Classic Accessories list.

I love a long strand that I can wear all the way down or looped 2- 3 times (see below)…, which is what I was wearing today : )

pearl necklace, conservative looks, business clothes for women, dressing for success

… but there are tons of other options too – for example the strands I embellished with a pink flower on Jan 7th…


Check out how Michelle Obama has taken the Classic First Lady pearls and amped them up to make them her own…

Trendy Trendy



Either way… don’t let anyone dictate your style. No matter whether you have classic, retro, modern or trendy sensibilities… you can rock your pearl look.

Be confident and look smokin.

Happy Shopping!


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