My Top 3 Winter Work Wear DON’Ts

So… I thought I could make it through the winter without having to unleash my Work Wear DON’T wrath on everyone but lo and behold… you just wouldn’t believe some of the things people are sporting around my workplace.

Let this be a warning to you!

Here are my top 3 Winter Work Wear DON’Ts:

1. The UGG boot

UGG boot copy

Oh man. When I saw this at work I just really couldn’t believe it. Then again, the woman working this look was the same one wearing bedazzled flip-flops to work in summer… so perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised. Needless to say, these are questionable in public on a sunday morning so wearing them to work is a definite no-no. Come on people, they are practically slippers. There are plenty of comfy, flat, work-appropriate boots out there so go grab yourself a pair (or two) and leave these for your lazy mornings.

Here are some alternatives:

Steve Madden Lavaa Boot   Nine West Patty Cake Boot   Franko Sarto Paula Boot

2. Fur Topped Boots

Man I hate these. I don’t find them attractive or flattering on anyone as a general rule but…no offense (too late), if this is your style on the weekends and you love sporting them at your kid’s soccer games on Sunday, all the power to you.  But PLEASE don’t think they are some thing you can wear to work. It’s pretty much like wearing galoshes in workplace. If you must though, at least slip your heels in your purse for work time. There are many other tall boot choices that are warm for the winter time and all the bad weather out there. If you’re truly in the blizzard zone though (shout out to all my family in Edmonton, Alberta!) then you just have to sport the seriously warm and insulated boots to work and switch to heels with you get there. There are NO boots that are going to work double-duty for you there honey.

Here are some tall boot alternatives (and don’t forget to protect and seal your boots with a sealant spray):

Calvin Klien Hannabelle Boot  Adrienne Vittadini Birdie Boot

Naya Gazelle Boot

3. Blankets Worn as Ponchos? Pashminas?

snuggie, blanket, ponchoDo you look like this at work? Please tell me you don’t. The other day I went into the lunch room and one of my co-workers was wrapped in a fleece blanket and walking around. Honestly people – there is NO excuse for wrapping yourself in a blanket at work no matter how cold you are. Grab yourself a hot coffee or other hot beverage and plan better for the weather. If your office is drafty or turns on the A/C nice and high, then throw a cute neutral scarf in your desk drawer or purse that will go with any outfit in a pinch. Or…make sure to have a cardigan handy and for god sake, wear a blazer or something….it’s WINTER!

As General RULE – stay away from super chunky knit scarves, pompoms and anything plaid – they give off an outdoor vibe that really isn’t appropriate.

Less this:

Vince Camuto Heather Grey Diamond Stitch Fringe Muffler Scarf
And more this:

'loco' Stripe Wrap, Scarves for Work, women's scarves, dressing for success

Here are some excellent scarf choices to keep on hand:

Jacob- Jersey Heart Scarf   Echo Loco Striped Scarf  BR – Lara Zebra Scarf

That’s it for now!

Happy Shopping!


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