Copy Cat – Orange, B&W and Nude

Copy Catting is the BEST!

This outfit is another one that I never would have thought to put together. Initially I think…orange and black? I’m going to look like a jack-o-lantern!


But …. then you add some white for contrast and some unexpected nude heels (most people would wear black) and it really makes the outfit look fresh and polished.- plus nude heels make your legs look a mile long! (and lord knows I need the help 🙂 

Orange cardigan, black and white, black pencil skirt, how to wear a black pencil skirt, nude heels, copy cat

I especially love this white top with little black bows from Jacob. I actually bought it a year and a half ago and haven’t worn it because I was pregnant and then on mat leave. SO glad I could finally break it out of my closet.

Cardigan – H&M (shop similar)

Black Pencil Skirt – Banana Republic (shop)

Nude Heels – Nine West (shop)

Black and White Sleeveless Blouse – Jacob (shop similar)

That’s it for now!

Happy Shopping!


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One thought on “Copy Cat – Orange, B&W and Nude

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