Copy Cat – Black & White Stripes

I really love wearing colour but I love Black and White too. This outfit inspiration was the perfect mix of classic lady and edgy-ness that I love…although I wish I could find the perfect tea-length black and white polka-dot skirt that she has.

Mine is a bit shorter and all black but…close enough, right?


Also, I would have worn just my black heels but it was a bit chilly for that today. Plus, I felt like I needed a bit more coverage because of the skirt length…really, I should have worn opaque black tights to be REALLY appropriate but don’t tell my boss 😉

black & white, black flared skirt, red skinny belt, stripes

Cardigan – H&M | Striped Top – Jacob | Belt – Banana Republic | Skirt – Jack&Jill |Bracelet – Banana Republic | Boots – Calvin Klein via the Bay

Happy Shopping!


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One thought on “Copy Cat – Black & White Stripes

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