Simple Dress, BIG Statement.

Ok…ok… so I broke down and wore my punch sheath dress despite the bitter cold. Can you blame me though? It’s been sitting in my closet since I bought it months and months ago because I didn’t have anywhere to wear it (wasn’t back to work yet).

Oh! and it was such a juicy find…..the first time I saw something in my InStyle magazine and was COMPELLED to buy it instantaneously online (read more about how it went down here). The dress was exactly the shape I was looking to add to my work wardrobe and the colour was POW! So fun…


Plus, the beauty of such a simple dress is that you can wear practically anything with it and totally change its look depending on your mood or the weather.

Punch coloured dress, red sheath, chunky necklaces

Anyhow…it’s been a long time coming and here is how I wore it today….

punch coloured dress, red sheath, turquoise, tear drop necklace, business clothes for women

Dress: Landsend | Necklace: Baublebar | Boots: B2 | Blazer: Mexx | Belt: Mexx |

The colour is already bold but I really wanted to make a WOW statement so I paired it with a seriously chunky turquoise tear drop necklace from Baublebar to amp up the look.  I think the shape of the necklace added some real interest and dimension to the outfit, especially with the added texture of leather in my boots and belt. The dress would be appropriate worn sleeveless because there is is not a lot of skin shown on top but like I said, it was a bit chilly even in-doors so I brought my 3/4 sleeve pin striped taupe blazer to work the business vibe.

Also, everyone seemed to love the colour combo at work and said it was “fresh”. It can be hard to know what to pair with bold colours and not default to the neutrals.

What other colours play well with PUNCH?


Do you have a favourite online purchase? Tell me about it!

Happy Shopping,


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