Hustle & Flow – How to Succeed at you First Job

So you got the job. CONGRATULATIONS!

But now you not only have to not screw it up but you have to SHINE.

It’s tough though. Unless you come with a long legacy of good work and your reputation precedes you, you’re pretty much going to be the new kid on the play ground. How do you get the kids to like you? Well, you could play the class clown and that’ll work for everyone else…but it won’t get you very far.

What really works?

  1. Hustling Your Butt Off –  getting all that crappy grunt work done and shutting up about it. No one likes s complainer.
  2. Being Reliable – Show up on time and do your work. NO EXCUSES.
  3. Building Relationships – This is key. Building relationships at all levels will aways benefit you at one point or another…whether you need that emergency change on the website, someone to cover a travel engagement for you, secure funding or promote a business case for you…you just never know. And when it comes time for promotion, it never hurts to have a friend on the hiring panel.

FastCompany has an amazing article on how to succeed at your first job:

And.. even if you’ve been at your job a while… take a look anyways. It’s always good to remind yourself how you wanted to be when you were still a keener.



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