Classic Piece, 3 Ways – Denim Jacket

2013-01-03 07.28.51-1

You all know that I think building a wardrobe with a foundation of CLASSIC pieces is the absolute best way to create a wardrobe with longevity (see my TOP 10 Classic Pieces list here). Although denim doesn’t immediately seem like the best choice for work, in the form of a jacket it’s actually a great way to add texture and structure to outfits…that is if your workplace is a little bit more casual (not a law office or a bank for example). It can also take a fancier outfit and dress it down just a bit so that you can make your formal work wear mesh with a more casual work place dress code.

Furthermore, dark washed denim jackets are a great value because they do double duty and are totally wearable both at work and on the weekends…in the winter or the summer.  My jacket is an excellent deal anyways and great quality. It’s from Old Navy and they have them for sale year round for between $25 – $35 depending if you can catch a sale (shop here).

Here are 3 ways that I wore my denim jacket in the last few weeks:

Denim jacket, business clothes for women, denim jacket 3 ways

Top – RW&Co.|
Pants – The Gap, perfect Trouser | Necklace – The Bay |

Denim Jacket, Busines clothes for women, business casual, black and blue

Top – Forever 21 | Pants – the Gap, Boot leg Trouser | Shoes – Roberto Vianni via Sterling |

Business Clothes for Women, Business Casual, Denim Jacket

Top – Old Navy | Skirt – H&M | Boots – B2 |

I hope you pick one up of your own!

Happy Shopping!


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