Add This Classic Piece – Shirt Dress

I bought this dress a while a ago..  on one of those days you just go into stores (that you can’t afford) and try on anything that you like…just for fun…

Ever do that? Ok…maybe it’s just me…

So I went into Club Monaco and I saw this dress that was super chic and really outside my really casual style box at the time. I tried it on and walked out of the fitting room…and two seperate ladies (who didn’t work there) were like “Oh my gosh! That dress looks AMAZING!”.

Black shirt dress, dresses for work

So I looked at the price tag and it said $250. Eeep!

But you know what? I bought it. It made me feel beautiful and powerful and I just knew I’d get lots of wear out of it.

business outfit for women, black shirt dress, power looks for women, business style

That’s what you call a LOW cost to wear ratio. [cost/# times worn].

I bought it 5 years ago and have worn it at least 5 times or more per year so $250/25 = $10/wear.

Not bad. Especially since (if u picked up that I bought it 5 years ago) this classic shirt dress in black will never go out of style so I can see myself wearing it for many years in the future. That means that the cost per wear will continue to go down.

Classic wardrobe pieces! Preach it sister! As I always say… invest in classics and you’ll never go wrong. Invest a little more in your classic pieces and you can be sure they’ll hold up over that 10 years you’ll be guaranteed to wear it.

Dress – shop similar (high),  similar (med),    similar (low)

Belt – shop similar (med), similar (low)

Happy Shopping!



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