Copy Cat – Mint, Purple and Gold

So I’ve been using the app ‘Stylish Girl’ for Android device since January now (when I went back to work from mat leave) and I absolutely love it!

Stylish Girl

It lets you catelog your wardrobe and accessories/shoes, save outfits and then there’s a calender and you just plug in the outfits you want to wear the coming week or month. I tell you, it’s never been easier to get dressed for work or get my clothes ready.

Another fabulous feature is that it gives you a ‘wish bag’ in which to store items you want to buy or inspirational outfits. It’s so great because you can use the app to build copy cat outfits and it’s so easy to see how you can rework the pieces in your own wardrobe.

One of the outfits I’d been wanting to copy for a while featured a really unique colour combination – Mint, Purple and Gold.

Weird…yes… but beautiful? also yes!


This really was a more casual look for work and a risky colour combination but it definitely seemed to get attention today.


What is the most risky colour combo you’ve ever tried?



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