Colour of the Week….Bubble Gum Pink

Pink is rad.

I used to fight it but now whenever I have on something pink it just makes me feel pretty, and you can’t beat that.

This week’s feature colour is Bubble Gum Pink!

A super girly shade of this darling colour that despite the opinion of some, can be worn well past the age of 5 with no shame…EVEN AT WORK!

Here are just some of the ways I love this colour:

pink dress for work

Kate Spade Evelyn Dress in Bazooka Pink – $448

Pink Belt

Cinch You’ve Been Gone Belt – $14.99

Pink racelet, Marc Jacobs

Small Candy Turn Lock Bracelet by Marc Jacobs

Pink Watch, Kate Spade

Cooper Strap Watch by Kate Spade New York

This particular shade of pink is also fabulous with all of the other sherbet shades that are new out for Spring but can also be mixed with BOLDER colours if you’re feeling adventurous. Here’s what you can wear with pink…

colours that go well with pink

So go on out there this week and GET GIRLY!


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