5 Ideas… For Staying Feminine in the Workplace

Whether you work in a formal work environment  or even one that is really casual, it can be difficult to hold onto or even just express your feminine flair.

Let’s be honest.

No matter how far we’ve come, there is always that under current of doubt plaguing our style choice… whispering that we won’t be taken as seriously if we show a sense of femininity. But is that really true? Do you have to dress seriously to be a serious force?

I think not.
Hello …..Michelle Obama anyone? Beautiful, elegant and a total power house.

Yes. You do need to look professional but there is no need to lock yourself down in that navy and white jail cell of a suit.

Need some ideas? Here are 5 Ways to stay feminine in the workplace:


Dresses for Work

Left (Shift dress from Landsend) | Middle (Wrap Dress from Plum) | Right (Shirt Dress from Club Monaco)

Not only are dresses super easy (ready-made outfit anyone?) But they are inherently feminine because they naturally nip in at the waist and create an hour-glass silhouette Mad Men style . There is NOTHING wrong with showing your shape as long as you understand the boundaries of professionalism.

1. Keep it to the knee and…
2. Save the cleavage for your bedroom.

Speaking of emphasizing your waist…


Skirts for Work, what to wear with skirts

Left (Pencil Skirt from Jacob) | Left-Middle (A-line skirt from H&M) | Right-Middle (Pencil Skirt from Banana Republic) | Right (Straight Skirt from Banana Republic)

Skirts also do an excellent job of featuring your waist, as long as you don’t pull your top out and let the hem ride on your hips. You want to make sure you belt it where your waist is in the middle. Again…keep that skirt to the knee or just above to keep the bar high.

Also, keep in mind that skirts are an excellent way to add colour to your bottoms and some real variety to your wardrobe. Read more about the value of coloured bottoms here.


adding colour to your work wardrobe, how to wear colour at work

Top Left (Top from Plum) | Top Right (Top from Smart Set, Bottoms from Joe Fresh) | Bottom Right (Blazer from H&M, Top from Jacob) | Bottom Right (Top from RW&Co.)

Colour is one of the easiest ways to play up your female side. No ruffles or bows necessary.

The kind of colour you choose is really up to you but I really like working in some softer colours like the butter yellow in my top (top left). Another great way to work in bolder colours (if you are a little hesitant to go full body) is to work it into your accessories… Like a kelly green bag or a hot pink shoe.

Speaking of shoes… (don’t you love my transitions? Haha)


Heels for work, Red Heels, Animal Print heels, peep toe heels

Clockwise from top left: Red Heels (Franco Sarto via Freedmans)| Snake Skin Heels (Nine West) | Black (Fergalicious via the Bay) | Nude (Nine West) | Leopard (Chromatic Gallerie) | Pink (Nine West)

Nothing says feminine like a rockin pair of heels! Did you know that they make you look more feminine because the actually change you posture – flexed claves… Bum up and out… Chest high and perky… Oh yes! Femininity at its instinctual level!

Mating stances aside…heels really do make your legs look long and fabulous and I THINK wearing them puts you into a fierce/take charge kind of mindset. Try NOT to be serious with a pair of red heels on. I dare you.


Necklaces for work, chunky necklaces

Clockwise from Top Left: Chain (Plum) | Plated Gold (Forever 21) |Yellow Links (Sirens) | Turquoise Teardrop (Baublebar) | Gold Chain (my own) | Red Flame Duo (Baublebar), Peri Quad Blue (Baublebar)

Lastly, we need to talk about accessories but most importantly the V neckline and necklace combo. All accessories can really create that feminine vibe… Earrings, rings, scarves, bracelets…
…but there is something about a V neckline that makes you look long and lean and shows off a beautiful and graceful long neck. Emphasize that with the perfect necklace and you have the perfect combo of elegance and style confidence. irresistable (and covetable).

So remember, above all… A woman is powerful when she knows who she is and what she has to share with the world.

Having fabulous personal style communicates that before you open your mouth.
So, go out there and be powerful…and don’t forget to bring your femininity with you.


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