Get In My Closet!…Green on the Scene

Spring = Dress time!

Not that any time isn’t dress time.. but if you read this blog on a regular basis, you know how I HATE tights so summer means that it’s game on for bare leg season!

I’m absolutely loving the idea of brightly coloured dresses and delicate jewelry right now. I don’t own much delicate jewelry and this one I found at below allows for 3 miniature name plates (and is available in silver of yellow gold). So sweet!

I also love the contrast of soft floaty dresses, delicate chain jewelry and a more kick-ass heel. It adds a little edge that is unexpected I think.


Green dress, delicate jewelry, Eugenie Heel

Dress: Modcloth

Eugenie Heels: Aldo

Mini Name Plate Necklace: Baublebar

Bloom Hexagon Ring Set: Gorjanna

Lord knows I’m trying to adhere to a spending freeze right now
(sort of 😉  )
so I’ll have to just dream for now.


Ahhhhh shopping….




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