Friday Casualties: Tag It

So I always feel like I get a little gyped since I only work every other Friday. I don’t mind dressing up but being more casual at work is fun too.
Ha! Listen to me complain about having a flex schedule. I’ll just be quiet now …

Anyways… What was really on my mind today was this black and white top that I bought at Jacob …well… I want to say a year and a half ago… and I thought it was really cute but I was pregnant and couldn’t fit into it at the time. But then, I lost the baby weight and even went back to work and it still sat there! Tags on!


Black & White Bow Top

You have to understand though that it is totally against my character (and core shopping beliefs) to not wear a new piece within the first couple days of purchasing it.…whatever! In fact I’ve been known to wear new purchases right out of the store!

So to have this top not worn was really bugging me. So I decided it was about time that I took it off the bench.
I started to think about what I could wear with it and then I realized what the problem was… I purchased it because it was cute…not because it would compliment my wardrobe. Since purchasing the shirt a while ago I have definitely assumed different shopping strategies.

First – I ask myself if what I want to buy is exceptional (do I really love it? Or am I compomising/bored?)

Second – What is the cost pet wear ratio. Could I wear it for 2/3 of the following life scenarios: casual, work or dressy.

Third – Can I think of at least 3 things I could wear it with in my closet (not including regular blue jeans)?

I think this top, though adorable, would have failed.

But it’s mine now… so I said to myself – at least I can wear it with jeans! And so I did…


Jeans - Jacob Connexion | Top - Jacob | Boots - Calvin Klein via the Bay

What do you think? What would YOU wear with this top?



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