Copy Cat – Red All Over

I love copy cat day!

In fact a conversation in the lunch room reminded me how far I’ve come in terms of combining styles and colours since starting as a copy cat.

Some ladies at my work saw me walk in the lunch room wearing the below outfit and said,

“..and there she is – wearing light blue and red! I never would have put those colours together but it looks great!”

*me blushing*

Of course, the comment didn’t come out of this air. Just yesterday I was chatting with the same ladies and one of them mentioned that she bought these pink cropped pants because she thought they were cute but doesn’t feel like she can wear anything with them but white or black. That’s when I chimed in and mentioned some of the other colours that work amazingly well with the colour such as mint green, sunshine yellow and tangerine.

Then it occurred to me how just a year or two ago I never would have put those colours together myself (I would have been much too afraid of looking like a clown) but thanks to Pintrest and some other fabulous style bloggers, I was able to safely try out looks and colour combinations with a clear visual reference. So much easier to just see a combo that you like and mimic it!

That brings me to the look I copied today. I bought a pair of red denim in the summer and I’m always looking for new ways to wear them. Generally I don’t advocate denim at work (except for Fridays) but my workplace is on the more casual/corporate-y side (I tend to dress WAY more formal than most of my colleagues most days)… so going a bit more casual (yet put together) isn’t so bad.

Here’s the look I copied:

How to wear red Jeans to work, Casual Friday look for women

Red Denim – Plenty | Button Down – H&M | Heels – Aldo | Cream Blazer – H&M |

In my pictures it’s hard to see how bright the blue is (it’s a little washed out) but the idea of melding tight red bottoms with a more loose, light blue pinstripe button down and camel coloured accessories seemed to be the perfect mix of colour and style for the workplace.



Strappy Peep Toes for Work, Camel coloured Heels

Heels – Aldo



Moral of the story? Don’t be afraid of colour! Find some inspiration – a photo from a magazine or online  or even an outfit you see at work or on  the street and give it a try. If you like the way it looks on them, you can be sure it will look good on you.

Happy Shopping! (and copy catting!)


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