Friday Casualties… Coral Dreams

For those who follow this blog you’ll know that circumstances are few and far between that I don’t wear heels.

First of all… They make you look taller (I’m 5“4 and heels routinely take me to a towering 5“7).

Secondly… They change your body shape by changing your posture and forcing you to stand up straight. Ever tried slouching in heels?

Third… Hellooooo. Heels are so cute!

But alas… a soccer injury is acting up so for today I put on a pair of my favourite bright coral flats from Naturalizer.


I don’t get many chances to dress down and I love the idea of pairing some of my shorter dresses or tunics with jeggings for casual Friday. Still feminine and comfortable but cute and put together. Best of both worlds!

What to wear for Casual Friday

I also wore my favourite gold necklace today which is a combination of a gold chain and letter “e“ I received as a gift from my parents at high school graduation,  my great great grandmother’s gold wedding band (handed down to the eldest girl in each generation – that’s me) and my gold “mom“ ring I received after my first child was born.

Gold Necklace

Do you have a special piece of jewelry handed down in your family?


More on personalized jewelry:

1. Monogrammed Necklaces –

2. Nameplate Necklaces & Bracelets –

3. Name Rings –


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