What I Wore this Week: May 31, 2013

This was a short week this week… only 4 days. Not sure what it was…probably the ever-present grey skies and intermittent rain in Vancouver these days, but I felt very attracted to neutrals this week. I still wore some colour but not as much as usual for sure!

Business clothes for women, what to wear to work

Monday – Thursday this Week…

Monday I had to sit in on a Stakeholder Training Session I had designed and wanted to feel professional. I wore a simple cream blouse and trouser jeans with a red lip.


Don’t forget my Gold Joe Fresh Nail Polish!

I’ve also been really trying to work my wardrobe and all those pieces I bought at one time and loved but haven’t worn for one reason or another.

One of these items is the Black dress I wore on Wednesday. To be honest… it fit when I bought it, then you know how you try on something that fit before…and then it doesn’t? That. So since I’ve been back at the gym the last few months I thought I’d be brave and try it again. And viola! (not much room for error in this one).
It’s a bit short so I wore opaque leggings (not  even tights) and knee-high boots to ensure coverage.

black modern dress for work

Thursday I went for the funky T under the blazer look. I always love this because it makes a buttoned up look way more playful and interesting than just a regular collared shirt.
I also love this unique blazer. The colour is divine but the ruched 3/4 sleeves and tuxedo cut makes it super interesting.

Unique blazer for work, women, Blazers for women

animal print heels, leopard print shoes




That’s all for now! Have a great weekend!



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