Get in my Closet! – the Softer Side

Hi All!

This week I’ve been getting in touch with my girly side and dreaming of all of those soft sweet shades of green, pink and yellow. I also have to say that  the texture of lace is really driving me crazy… in a good way. [Note to self… – I’m definitely going to have to look into this].

Anyhogold bird studsw, if I had my pick this week, I’d definitely add these pretty pieces to my closet. Elegant and conservative but with a bit of cheek in the skirt (not bum cheek) and a tad of edge in the wedge booties. My first instinct was to pair a more quirky earring with this look like little gold bird studs but in the end I felt like there was enough quirk over all that you could go with a more classic enamel stud that is a bit different but doesn’t draw too much attention from the other pieces.


Sage Green, lace skirt, wedge bootie, spring look for work

Shop this Look:

Top |  Skirt  | Wedges | Studs  | Bag

What I think is really interesting and attractive in this outfit is the variety of textures at play. There’s the lace in the skirt, the ruffles/bow in the top and the leather in the bag. What also makes it interesting are the colours at work here….sage green, blush pink, mustard yellow, grey.. that’s quite a mix.but don’t be afraid.

Remember: “Colours don’t need to match…they need to go.” – Stacy London (What Not to Wear)

It’s really about matching tone here. The shades are different but the loudness of the colours are fairly similar, which makes them work well together.



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