Copy Cat – How to Wear Neon to Work

As you know, copy catting has got to be one of my favourite things. I think it’s because there is an added level of confidence you get when you wear an outfit (or a version of one) that you loved on someone else. No second guessing…I guess.

This week I fell in love with an outfit similar to one I’ve worn before (cobalt blue top with a dark purple pencil skirt)… but this time it had a kick – a patent leather neon yellow skinny belt! Kablam!


Top - Banana Republic Outlet | Skirt - Reitmans | Belt - Target | Heels- Nine West |

I think it’s exactly the kind of contrast needed to catapult this cute berry flavoured ensemble to a different level.

So to answer the question:

“How do you wear neon to work?”

The answer is – in little bits. Neon is still very trendy right now and could read a bit ‘young’ (nevermind obnoxious) if you over do it.

So keep it simple… do a neon belt, necklace or detailing but not all together.

To finish things off I added a little snake skin heel for some pattern. Too much? Acchh. I think it’s just enough.



Neon Belt - Target


Heels - Nine West


Watch - Kenneth Cole | Earrings - White and Yellow gold circles - Benn Moss


How to wear neon to work

It’s not pictured here but I also wore my charcol grey moto jacket in the morning when it was colder. It hit right at the top of my hip and the shape gives some structure (and a little tom boy) to this girly look. I’ll have to take picture and share it next time 🙂

Have a great night!



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