What I Wore this Week – June 7th, 2013

This week was a little bit strange as I was in and out of the office quite a bit. In fact my wednesday outfit featured a kelly green men’s t-shirt with a safety message and washed out jeans!
(and NO… I will not be posting a photo of it : )

It was actually a super fun day. I was hosting a safety awareness event in the community and had tons of kids and adults engaged in games and crafts.

Here is some of the “CAMPING SAFETY/ CARBON MONOXIDE AWARENESS” art the kids created:




So losing a day at the office (though usually a fantastic idea…) actually meant mega craziness and mad catch up playing on my end for the rest of the week. I almost didn’t take the last photo (can u tell how tired I look in that photo?). Oh dear.


What wore this week - Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday (L to R)

This week was all about the skirts and dresses. It was inching its way to hot up here in Vancouver and a girl has got to be ready for the heat.

On Monday I was drawn to a possibly dream inspired colour combination of butter yellow, maroon and olive green. I second guessed my last minute pick until I saw the photos and now I’m a believer.


Top - Plum | Jacket - Smart Set | Skirt - Urban Outfitter | Necklace - Forever 21 | Shoes - Natualizer |

Tuesday was “wear neon to work day” as you know.

On Thursday…I actually…and I can’t believe I’m saying this… wore flats to work.
Yes. It’s true. There was shock and awe across the office and disbelief that I in fact was not a towrring 5’7… but a puny 5’4. I guess no one really had seen me out of heels before! Funny.

Actually, the reason was that I had to move all the heavy boxes and equipment from the event so…safety first ; )


Dress - Landsend (US store)| Necklace - Sirens | Teal Flats - Nine West |

Lastly, despite it being Friday (and dark and drizzly in the morning) I opted not for jeans but a cute green patterned summer dress I picked up at Joe Fresh last year.

I really like this dress but I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to wear it. And today too, it was a bit of a risk. Not because of the length or cleavage but because it has spaghetti straps. No matter what, it’s just not appropriate for any workplace. So… if I was going to make it work I had to commit to wearing the cardigan ALL DAY.

Luckily for me it turned out all right. I’m sure you are all relieved.

Have Great Weekend everyone!



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