What’s Mine is Yours | Sharing Clothes with Friends

Well I have to start this post with a big thank you to my friend Miss K whom after courageously starting a new a career and opening up her own child care “Creative Learning Child Care” decided that she just wasn’t getting enough wear out of this beautiful dress – one that we actually bought together – so she gifted it to me.

What a sweetie!!

It’s a beautiful violet colour and looks amazing on her but for all my convincing she decided it would get more wear in my closet.

Who am I to argue! I love dresses.

Here it is:

audrey hepburn dress, shift dress, nude heels

I loved the idea of letting the colour of this dress shine by pairing it with neutral and gold accessories. Today I did a long necklace to contrast the neckline.  If you can see the neckline closely it has a lot of detail so I wouldn’t. wear a necklace at a length that would compete with that


The other way I would wear this dress is with mint green or turquoise accessories like you can see in Kendi’s outfit from “Kendi Everyday” Those shoes! And the tear drop earrings really add interest without taking away from the dress shape.

In the end, my dear Miss K, your dress and any other in my closet are yours anytime you are heading out on the town. You know where to find me! (and your dress ; )

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