Do You Sparkle at Work? | How to Wear Metallics

Something funny always happens when I wear metallics (silvers, bronzes, gold, champagne) to work. I always get the “deep breath in” and OOOOoooohhhh! SO sparkly! from all the women. It’s like a shock thing.

Is it out of the box? I suppose…

But it really shouldn’t be shocking. Metallics actually are neutrals and are super easy to wear since neutrals go with anything – you can see below I paired my champagne coloured metallic with orange today but I love solid white and cream with metallics too for summer.

The key is to be reasonable about it and limit it to one piece – a gold belt, silver pencil skirt, bronze sleeves, etc. Let’s not do the head-to-toe disco ball thing. Let’s leave that for da club.

Here’s how I sparkled a little today:

Orange Cardigan, How to wear metallics, white denim jeans for work, long necklace

Top – Forever 21 | Cardigan – H&M | Necklace – gift | Pants – Garage |

I paired the outfit with knee-high brown leather boots (similar high, similar low).

So, really… nothing too fancy but a little well placed sparkle does go a long way in getting yourself noticed in the workplace.

How do you sparkle at work? Tweet me at @WorkWearStyle with your best workplace sparkle!

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