Copy Cat | Marooned in Vancouver

Well, the rain just won’t let up in Vancouver I’m afraid. What a drag!

vancouver rain

I’ve been so looking to breaking out some of the super cute dresses I have but I just wasn’t to be again today.

I found this darling dress at Old Navy months ago and I’ve been dying to wear it to work with my pink peep toed heels.

white eyelet dress, White Dress for Work, Old Navy Dress

Dress – Old Navy

So, I settled for my maroon skirt (retro purchase from Urban Outfitter) and a grey T. The inspiration for the outfit came from Pinterest this week:


I almost wore a long necklace today but I was feeling the leopard print belt a little more. (everybody needs a little edge).

I love my flowy skirt SO much! I picked it up at the Urban Outfitters in San Francisco when I was living there (for $5 if you can believe it) and I’ve worn it countless times over the years. Now is THAT is seriously awesome cost:wear ratio.

how to wear a maroon skirt, maroon bottoms

So whoever is doing the rain dancing around here can just STOP IT RIGHT NOW! My summer dresses want to come out and play.



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