DailyMom.com | Breaking in High Heels


Well, this post “Breaking in High Heels” from DailyMom.com just made me laugh.

high heels, breaking in high heels

Hello! guilty

I’ve bought some VERY uncomfortable heels in the past…wishing and hoping for the shoe elves to make an appearance at night, work their magic on my sad pair of shoes and generally make everything alright. But it’s never to be.

Since those days I’ve been much more diligent about the bars I set with potential high heel purchases:  too high, pinching, rubbing, angles, cutting …no matter how cute, they go back to their home on the shop wall if they don’t pass the basic tests.

That said – if you refuse to part with a beloved (yet uncomfortable) pair of heels that you already own then try these pearls of wisdom from DailyMom.com

PS. My favourite, almost never fail brands  for high heel shoe comfort are:

Nine West and Naturalizer   …but always conduct your own scientific shoe experiments to ensure the right fit for you.

PPS. The tip about lotioning your feet to avoid blisters TOTALLY works.

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