I live in O-live | Do you wear the Colour Olive?

Oh…. yesterday was another day of moving boxes and tents in and out of cars. Love the events… HATE moving stuff!

So I decided to be moderately sensible and put on flats. Of course, if I was really smart I would have worn pants or some other version of clothing that would allow me to NOT flash the bus driver when I was getting something out of the car.
Sorry about that!

Let’s hope that doesn’t end up on TMZ.  😉

Here is the dress I wore yesterday. Doesn’t it make me look like a worker bee?

How to Wear Olive to Work, Olive colour inspiration, Colours to wear with red

Dress: DKNY via Winners | Necklace: BaubleBar.com | Flats: Naturalizer | Belt: Bluenotes

I find that I’m still very attracted to the colour ‘olive’, a by-product of my 10 years as a brunette I suppose. Quite possibly not my best colour but I can’t help doing olive with a dash of red from time to time.




How do you like to wear olive?


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