Summer Sorbet | How to Wear Pastels to Work

Hello summer? Are you there?

OH THERE you are!

Finally some super hot (record-breaking even!) and beautiful summer weather in Vancouver. My dresses have been waiting for you!

Summer is the perfect time to break out all of those light and airy dresses that just wouldn’t cooperate well with tights in the winter. The dress I wore today was a sorbet concoction of peach and wild berry that I picked up from American Eagle Outfitters last summer. It was so pretty that I just fell in love and it was perfect for my new platinum blonde locks.


The only thing was that this particular dress was designed to be open in the back (a la Carrie in Sex in the City) and I’m just not into the whole exposing the bra strap thing… especially at work.

At the same time, for some reason it took me 8 months to do a simple sewing fix and close the gap…augh… but I finally did it.


Yay me…but clearly I have far too many projects on the go. I blame Pinterest.


Pastels are an excellent way to stay cool and look chic at work during spring and summer. They look fantastic with metallics of any kind….. gold, silver bronze…whatever! They also play well with all of the lighter neutrals such as:

what to wear with neutrals, light neutrals

If you’re a risk taker, a really fun way that’s sure to “Get Noticed” is pairing pastels with their cousin colours in brights. For example:  pastel yellow and canary yellow
What to wear with pastel yellow

Here are some of the ways I’ve worn pastels and other summer colours:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What summer colours are your favourite?


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