Friday Casualties | Dresses versus Jeans

What should you wear for casual Fridays?

NO….Not Jeans. Booooring!

What to wear on Casual Friday

Why not wear a more casual summer dress instead? It’s still comfortable, it’s definitely cute and as long as you’re covered (thinking cleavage and length here)….then totally appropriate for work on this particular day.   That’s why I really like this eyelet dress I picked up from Old Navy last summer. The eyelet material is more casual by nature and generally not appropriate for work on a regular day. But, as a whole, this casual Friday look is much more put together and professional than what you might wear with a pair of regular old jeans.

How to wear white to work, casual Fridays outfits

White is a bit of a luxury colour for me. With two kids under 3 it’s a verifiable guarantee that it won’t last the day at. But, (unless I get clumsy with my coffee, which I often do) I have a pretty good chance of staying clean the whole day at work.

So wear a dress for goodness sake and get cute.

Here are a few more summer dresses that I love for work/casual Fridays:

For Gold Time's Sake Dress, Modcloth

For Gold Time’s Sake Dress, Modcloth

Summer Spritzer Dress, Modcloth

Summer Spritzer Dress, Modcloth ($62.99)

Natural Beauty Collard Dress, Ruche

Natural Beauty Collard Dress, ($52.99)

scenic route paisley dress

Scenic Route Paisley Dress, ($54.99)

Enjoy your weekend!


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