Makeup – How to Do an Easy 5 Minute Face for Work

When it comes to make up for work, I’m all for it. Make up to me is just as essential as picking out a professional and creative outfit. Looking your best (in every way) takes only a little effort but makes a huge impression on everyone you interact with.

Think about it – people are looking at you and talking to you all day which means they are looking right at your face.

Looking blotchy, shiny and generally tired means you look like you can’t handle the work you’ve been given and that you probably shouldn’t be given anything new. You definitely do NOT want to leave this impression when it’s anything but the case.

But what do you do if you don’t know how to apply make up?

Let’s be real. Makeup for work doesn’t need to be crazy, over-the-top complicated. There are several simple and easy steps that will drastically improve how you look everyday and I will share my easy steps with you in this post.

But what if I’m a mom and seriously don’t have 5 minutes to myself to apply make up?

Listen…I’m a mom of two so I  know what “no time” looks like in the morning. The trick for me is to get the kids ready and eating breakfast so that I can finish my last steps of getting ready, like make up.

That said, if you really and truly can’t find 5 minutes at home because you are juggling 4 kids… then get to work and apply your 5  Minute Face when you get there. I promise no one will miss you for 300 seconds.

Ok! Here are my tips…


  1. Moisturize, Cover & Brighten – I actually use Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB cream in place of a moisturizer and foundation because it moisturizes enough for me and gently evens out my skin tone without using foundation too. A bonus? It has spf 30 (which I won’t leave the house without).
    • Squeeze on to your index finder and gently tap all around, starting with the areas of your inner face. Blend gently so that all areas are covered.
  2. Cover Imperfections – Luckily I’ve mostly come out of my teenage break-out years so I use this to create some coverage around my eye area (hello…no sleep with two kids under 4!). I like Cover Girl’s Simply Ageless Concealer because I find the colour really natural and easy to blend.
    • Tap a small amount on the inner corners of the eye and work up and on to the eye lid and down under the eye. Avoid the area where crows feet may occur.
  3. Remove Shine – I’m actually not picky about powders. I don’t find any one to be truly above the rest but the two that I use most often are Cover Girl Natural and Sally Hansen’s Luminous Matte Pressed Powder.
    • Use a big powder brush (not the pad included in compact) for the most natural finish. Sweep across the compact and gently dust the areas of your face that you get the most shine – this is most often your “T” zone (forehead, nose, chin).

4. Blush – simply put – blush makes you look like you’re happy and young. At the same time, it can also make you look like you’re crazy if you over do it 80’s style. An easy way to avoid going down the wrong road is to use a light pink colour blush that is buildable like Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour.

    • Use the brush included or a blush brush (about half the size of a powder brush) and sweep from the apples of your cheeks to up your cheek bone. Make sure to blend to avoid the streaky 80’s look.

5. Define Your Eyes – This step isn’t mandatory but I think it makes a huge difference by making your eyes stand out. I like Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner because it’s affordable and has a long-wear formula so you don’t have to constantly re-apply. Who has time for that?

    • Eyeliner can be used in many ways and can actually help you take your day make up look to evening in a few easy steps. But for day time, stick with something simple  – apply it to only your upper eyelash line. In fact, I don’t apply it all the way across, I taper it starting with the outside corner of the eye and end just past the pupil for a natural effect. This essentially makes you look like you have a fuller upper lash line.

6. Open  Your Eyes – Again, you don’t need 8 coats but 1-2 coats of mascara does wonders for making you look bright-eyed and fresh. I don’t find there to be a huge difference between high-end and low-end mascaras (I’ve tried many) so I tend to go for L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascaras. I find they wear well during the day (not a lot of smudging) but they also come off fairly easily at night too. I like to have two on hand – one that is waterproof and one that is not (just in case you are going to a wedding, or another event that might leave your weepy).

    • Just open your eyes and sweep on 1-2 coats on the top lashes only. This lifts the eye and decreases the chance of you looking like a racoon half way through the day.

sugar rose tinted lip treatment

7. Add Color – I don’t find that there are many lip colours that stay put so I opt for something that is light, that moisturizes, has spf, and a hint of colour like Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment.

    • Just add it on at the end and throughout the day as needed.

So that’s it! That’s the 5 minute face. Not so bad right?

Now for those of you ‘adventurous types’ with 6 minutes to spare, I have one other tool I use to create a little facial interest:

eye shadow, nude palette, physician's formula

This is the perfect, low-cost (only about $12) nude palette that works both for days and nights compare to Urban Decay’s Nude Palette. To make it even easier, the colours are paired in 3s that go together from right to left:

  • highlight – inner corner of eye and under eye brow
  • lid – all over lid colour
  • crease – use as an eyeliner or enhance the lash line/crease with a darker colour

So that’s all there is to it.

Remember, you deserve to look your best and your best will get you where you want to go. The 5 minutes is totally worth it.

Do you have any 5 minute face tips and tricks you love?


For more information and tips on 5 minute make up routines see these resources:


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