Double Denim to Work? It can be done!

So, I’m usually opposed to pulling out the denim card at work, let alone “double denim”. But, if your workplace falls into that “business casual” category, it can be done.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that all denim must be sharp (read, not worn in – no holes, bleaching, whiskers, etc.) You wouldn’t wear dress pants with fading or holes so the same rules apply.

My favourite way to pull it off is this simple combination – dark denim on bottom and chambray on top.

While both fabrics are technically denim, they are appropriate for work (and with each other) because a) the dark denim in the form of a trouser jean is still polished b) a chambray shirt is light enough to mimic a light blue button down and c) there is enough of a contrast betwern the two fabrics to avoid the “Canadian Tuxedo” look.

I find that traditional button down shirt doesn’t flatter me so I went with a more tunic style 3/4 sleeve chambray shirt.






What do you think? Would you do Double Denim at work?


One thought on “Double Denim to Work? It can be done!

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