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Finding style INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION can be difficult for those of us to whom it doesn’t come naturally.

I was not the “fashionista” child with the chic sunglasses, wearing my mother’s heels and making faces in the mirror. I was more the “tom boy” sporting the ubiquitous “bowl cut” of the 80’s and wearing pretty much whatever my mother laid out for me …probably well into my teens at least.

For me, what keeps me excited about and motivated to work on my style  are the many blog posts that arrive in my inbox and feeds daily. There are so many chic and creative women out there, that the sources for inspiration (be it for your wardrobe, meals or decorating) that it really is endless. Here is one of my favorites:

Featured Blog/Site:The Everygirl


The best Style Blogs

What I Love About this Blog

Not only is The Everygirl eye-catching and full of ideas but my favourite part is that they often feature interviews of fabulous and successful women from a variety career paths. They dig into how these women started out and the steps they took get to the place of success that they are at now.

Don’t you always wonder how women get these fabulous jobs?

I find it’s nice to know that everyone started out somewhere and found a way to leverage their hard work and creativity into an impressive career. (Good to know my many years as a waitress will count for something!)

For example, this week they featured a 35-year-old woman who started her own Photography company in Boston after..

a) starting as a science major in university and …

b) following the love of her life to a new city.

They talk all about how she started and what her real life is like day-to-day now as a successful entrepreneur, wife and mother to a young baby.

Check it out here and stay tuned for more blogs to inspire you every month.



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